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Finding the Best Coral Springs Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Coral Springs, Florida, was ranked 14th overall on a WalletHub list of cities with the best employment opportunities in the United States. The vibrant job market in our area attracts many of the best and brightest to Coral Springs. Increased employment, however, can also mean added risks for workers. If… Read more »

Workers Compensation Lawyer Description When most people think about a worker’s compensation lawyer, they think about an individual who is there to fight on the side of an injured employee who is seeking compensation from their employer for an injury that they received while working. And while it is true,… Read more »

Finding The Best Coral Springs Personal Injury Lawyer

Finding The Best Coral Springs Personal Injury Lawyer Finding a Coral Springs personal injury lawyer is not as frustrating of a task as it may seem. All the injury victim needs to do is contact the law firm of Evan M. Ostfield, P.A. Evan Ostfield has built a reputation for… Read more »

Scaffold Accidents and Injuries

Construction workers have one of the most dangerous occupations, with thousands of people killed on job sites every year and many more injured. Some of the most common construction accidents involve scaffolds or other types of lifts. These accidents can be very serious and usually result either from falls due… Read more »

R. Walter Hundley

Walter Hundley has practiced in the area of workers’ compensation for more than thirty years. He has extensive experience in representing the interests of injured workers throughout the state of South Carolina.