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Port Saint Lucie is the eighth largest city in the state of Florida and boasts nearly 180,000 residents. This growing community offers employment opportunities for many of those living in Saint Lucie County. For those who have been charged with a criminal offense, however, choosing the right Port Saint Lucie… Read more »

Finding the Best Fort Pierce Criminal Defense Lawyer

Often referred to as the Sunrise City because of its location on the leading edge of the East Coast, Fort Pierce, Florida is home to more than 40,000 people. Fort Pierce Harbor serves about 350,000 tons of commercial shipments each year. For residents of this picturesque city, finding the right… Read more »

Criminal Lawyer Description A criminal law lawyer defends individuals and organizations who have been charged with a crime. A criminal law lawyer sees a number of criminal law cases, ranging from violent crimes to traffic violations, and he or she represents defendants in state, federal and appellate courts. Aside from… Read more »

Finding the Best Fort Pierce Criminal Lawyer

Finding the Best Fort Pierce Criminal Lawyer If you are looking for a top caliber Fort Pierce criminal lawyer, look no further than the law firm of Jonathan Jay Kirschner. Jay Kirschner comes with over 20 years of experience defending criminal cases and employs a talented support staff that makes… Read more »

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Hassett & Associates criminal defense law Firm can provide Florida residents with the reliable and persistent criminal defense they need in a wide variety of cases. The attorneys at this firm have expertise in such offenses as drug crimes, theft accusations, hate crimes, arson, perjury, armed robbery, domestic violence, mortgage… Read more »